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Regina Pagans

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6th January 2008

fallyn9:01pm: For Sale
APBT for sale.

I have 2 males and 3 females left.
they are brindle, black, grey, and marble.

They do not have first shots yet,
are 7 weeks old.
Both parents available for viewing

Asking 400 but will accept reasonable offers.

These are not guard dogs people.
I'm looking for good Family homes.
Please contact for more info.

16th May 2007

sakurakat8:14pm: Book Recs.
Um... I guess the first two books would be the non-fiction ones.
I don't know if anyone'll have read them before.
I've just got them borrowed from the public library, so
someone's doubtlessly seen them at any rate. lol.
So, yeah, anyway. The First two are:
~Witch Crafting: A spiritual Guide to Making Magic by Phyllis
Curott. (Apparently she's written another book called Book of
~The Real Witches' Craft by Kate West.
I've only flipped through the second so far, and am halfway
through the first. They both look interesting, though.
There are three others (a series) that are fiction.
Alicia Fields' Goddess SeriesCollapse )
Anyway, this post is propably more than long enough already, so
I'll leave it at this.

-Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This
is because most books on witchcraft are written by men. -Terry
Pratchett, Neil Gaiman
Current Mood: accomplished
sakurakat8:08pm: Reply to... replies? lol.
Nenni Niski – Thank you! It's of Squall,the main character from FF8. I got it from the Boys Next Door site – as long as you give credit to them, they don’t mind people using their stuff. They have an LJ community, as well, if you're interested:

The LJ group
And the Site

Just to warn you, it’s best to go in with an open mind. The site has a fair number of fanfics on it – stories written by people focusing on a certain fandom, like Buffy or Due South. These are mostly video game and anime based, however. They all, I believe, contain slash – with is basically a guy paired with another guy. Not necessarily anything explicit (though some are), just…. Two guy characters instead of a guy and a girl. Some of the pictures are likely to reflect that, in the icons, wallpapers, etc. If that’s not something you like to deal with, however, there are plenty like this, as well – with no… implications? Not sure what word to use.
Hopefully, you’ll find the books interesting, if you decide to check them out. Only two really centre on Wicca. The other three are historical romance/fiction that I found interesting. I’ll cross-post (is that the term?) what I wrote on the Yahoo group ‘forum’ to here.

Eight of Wands – Maybe you could recommend a few that are good, as well then. Lol. It’s not actually the U of S, unfortunately – they don’t offer the program I want there, and the other choices are out of province. The program I’m interested in is at Siast – Library Sciences and Technology. Basically just training so I get to catalogue and help pick out books as well as shelving, etc. Librarian as opposed to Library Aide? Lol. Anyway, I’ll be sure to make the next post from me is the book rec.
Current Mood: cheerful

15th May 2007

sakurakat10:37pm: Hello....
Intro post here, obviously. Not entirely sure what to say though. lol.

Am 19, currently in Regina (though will propably relocate to Saskatoon for 2 years of schooling next fall...), um... I read a lot. Actually have some books I'd like to recommend here, if that's allowed.
Was introduced to the 'idea' of Wicca back in sixth grade, and have been learning about it every since.
Pretty much any other info can propably be found on my journal, I guess.
A response to the book rec. query would be nice. ^_^;

I look forward to 'meeting' and speaking with everyone.
Current Mood: embarrassed

7th February 2007

byzantine2481:05am: Decks
Went over to a friend's and played cards, which was a lot of fun. Earlier another friend was off-loading her Pagan books collection to the first-comers. Which was sorta sad, but at least the books will get some use rather than being recycled. I also got a "Druid Animal Oracle" new, which I wasn't expecting, and a small Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Anyone else had any new decks come their way recently?

1st November 2006

ladyaurora1ca12:16pm: Happy Samhain
Brightest Blessings for Samhain and the New Year!

8th May 2006

byzantine24810:58pm: Interesting article I came upon.

An_Essay_on_SacrificeCollapse )

6th April 2006

eight_of_wands3:55pm: Regina Pagans
I just want to remind everyone who hasn;t already to check out the yahoo regina pagans group. You will find out about all the gatherings/festivals/coffees etc there.

also check out saskamoon: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SaskaMoon/

7th February 2006

eight_of_wands9:27pm: dream dictionary
i'm a big dream buff and this is one of my fav online dictionaries. 99% of the time they have exactly what i'm looking for. thought i'd share.

Current Mood: content

28th December 2005

eight_of_wands5:25pm: for christmas my brother got me some of those subliminal message cds. one for deep sleep, and one for stree free. has anyone else tried these and seen results?
Current Mood: bored

8th December 2005

byzantine2482:17am: Well, did a guided meditation today as part of the OBOD study I'm doing now. It was really geat, and had us journeying to our sacred groves, listening to the wind, inhaling the leaf scent. The visuals and trance state I got out of this were astounding, and I have done a few. How often do other people meditate? I usually just do it if I miss a ritual / before bed sometimes.

5th December 2005

eight_of_wands8:52am: Whos going to the Yule festival???
Current Mood: awake

25th November 2005

eight_of_wands9:35am: insense
I have a question about self-igniting insense.... how do i use it??
Current Mood: nauseated

12th November 2005

eight_of_wands11:15am: tea recipes
well i was searching online for tea recipes for colds. (the ones i have all have elder flowers listed as an ingerdiant but i unfortunatly don;t have them.) anyways i found this awsome site.


also is there a reson why NOBODY but me posts in here? if that continues i think i will just abandon the community. its basicly another journal for me and its actually kinda annoying talking to myself all the time. a community for others to share things and i actually thought i'd learn some new things etc from other people but again i am the only one posting anything.
Current Mood: sick

8th November 2005

eight_of_wands12:33pm: i won;t be going to the coffee on sat :( *sigh* i have to work that day at my new job, and i coulnd;tjust tell them no i can;t work :( i was planning on going to this one sicne last month i even had money put aside (yes i am THAT poor) so guess iw on;t see anyone till yule (if i can even go to that)
Current Mood: crushed

2nd November 2005

eight_of_wands12:48pm: sad
how come no one posts in here? this isn't really a community now is it?
Current Mood: disappointed
eight_of_wands6:58pm: one more
one i forgot

Current Mood: hungry
eight_of_wands1:04pm: PROGRAMS!
ok finally i have something to share... i hope these work if they don;t then..... i guess you're out of luck. (i woulnd;t be surprised if they didn;t work anyways)
Fortune Caster: http://rapidshare.de/files/7060033/fortune_caster.exe.html
Rune Caster: http://rapidshare.de/files/7060149/RuneCaster.exe.html
ESP Tester: http://rapidshare.de/files/7060163/ESP.EXE.html
Tarot: http://rapidshare.de/files/7060207/tarot.exe.html
Moon Tool: http://rapidshare.de/files/7060322/moon.exe.html
Herb Encyclopedia: http://rapidshare.de/files/7060354/IRIS.EXE.html
Book of Shadows: http://rapidshare.de/files/7060431/BOS.exe.html
Current Mood: aggravated

31st October 2005

eight_of_wands5:49am: Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone. any plans??
Current Mood: drained

29th October 2005

eight_of_wands5:47pm: test your ESP
does anyone know how i can upload files here or...something, i have a bunch of cool thingy's i want to share damnit and i can't
Current Mood: sad

23rd October 2005

eight_of_wands1:40pm: well i had fun at the Samhain festival last night. i apologize to you mike for not talking more, but i was a bit nervous as i knew hardly anyone there. no one ate my cheesball :( but i shall try to talk more at the next one or i guess the coffee in a few weeks.
Current Mood: bored

19th October 2005

eight_of_wands5:10pm: so who will i be seeing at the Samhain festival on sat?? hmmmmm?
Current Mood: good

18th October 2005

eight_of_wands2:27pm: hey, sorry to dissapoint, but i can't share all the programs i promised. i have them all and i made a webpage for them so that i could post them on here but the site doesn;t allow me to upload programs, only pics text etc.... i could only get the webpge for one though.
EDIT: that webpage i said i had... doesn;t work either.... so.... sorry guys. instead i will share a couple tea recipes i have:
Lullaby Tea:
(for sleep)
3 parts hops
1 1/2 parts catnip
3 parts chammomile
1/2 part lavender

Jack Frost:
(for cold and flu)
1 part elder flowers
2 parts peppermint
2 parts licorice roots
1 part catnip
1 part cinnamon
Current Mood: confused

12th October 2005

eight_of_wands8:39pm: cool thingy's
hey everyone. you know.... you can post in this community!!!! so do it! anyways i found some cool programs that give the current moon phase in your task bar and some divination programs for fun and lots of other goodies. they are on my laptop which i let my brother borrow for a week or so, so when i get it back i will post them in here. OH yeah also a herb encyclopedia which i thought was really cool. you'll see. btw i am in the liabrary at school when i should be in my night class........i'm bad :P
Current Mood: drained

4th October 2005

eight_of_wands12:04pm: incense recipes
Hey, found this website, thought it was pretty cool. Full of incense recipes. http://www.crystalforest1.homestead.com/incenses.html
Current Mood: restless
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